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The World’s Largest Mezcal Markets

Mezcal has claimed a significant spot on the global spirits landscape.

Mezcal is rapidly gaining in favor among the on-trade and is converting mature drinkers of dark spirits due to its smoky character and sipping ability.

It remains to be seen whether this list will change dramatically in the years to come following new prospects in the east, but, for now, (according Amy Hopkins of The Spirits Magazine, February 20, 2014) here are the world’s five largest Tequila and mezcal markets based on data by Euromonitor International:

  1. US
  2. Mexico
  3. Russia
  4. South Africa
  5. Germany

By far the largest market for Tequila and mezcal, the US has seen imports grow every year for a decade.


The First Three Espadin Agave from Rancho Buenaventura

In 2012, we pulled out our first three espadin agave plants from Rancho Buenaventura to make our 3 Year Aged Sacacuento Mezcal. It was great fun pulling these bad boys out of the ground and we made it a generational affair with four-generations of ranch owners on hand to pull the agave out of the ground.

Enjoy our short video on the process of pulling out the first agave plant with The Mezcal King.


The Company

In the early 1920’s Emilio and Agripina Maldonado farmed land north of Oaxaca where they raised their ten children and served as leaders in the local town of Santa Maria Tinu. As part of Emilio’s work, he dabbled in mezcal when he could grow agave on his land.

Today, Claudia Favila, Emelio’s granddaughter, is owner of this great land of 150 acres with her husband Rudy Favila. Rudy and Claudia have now since built Rancho Buenaventura on this land and have thousands of agave plants in the ground.

As part of this journey, Rudy and Claudia have created Premium Mezcales LLC, a wholesaler and importer of certified Mezcal from the State of Oaxaca, Mexico.

Premium Mezcales has created a consortium of Mezcal producers called the MEZCALEROS CERTIFICATED FROM OAXACA S.A. DE C.V that Premium Mezcales pulls from to import product into the US and World Markets.

Premium Mezcales prides itself on importing the most authentic and unique mezcal that rivals traditional tequila.


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