In the early 1920’s Emilio and Agripina Maldonado farmed land north of Oaxaca where they raised their ten children and served as leaders in the local town of Santa Maria Tinu. As part of Emilio’s work, he dabbled in mezcal when he could grow agave on his land.

Today, Claudia Favila, Emelio’s granddaughter, is owner of this great land of 150 acres with her husband Rudy Favila. Rudy and Claudia have now since built Rancho Buenaventura on this land and have thousands of agave plants in the ground.

As part of this journey, Rudy and Claudia have created Premium Mezcales LLC, a wholesaler and importer of certified Mezcal from the State of Oaxaca, Mexico.

Premium Mezcales has created a consortium of Mezcal producers called the MEZCALEROS CERTIFICATED FROM OAXACA S.A. DE C.V that Premium Mezcales pulls from to import product into the US and World Markets.

Premium Mezcales prides itself on importing the most authentic and unique mezcal that rivals traditional tequila.

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